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180BPM Music - Run To The Beat to Be a Better Runner!

Running cadence is one of the keys of proper running form. Cadence refers to how many steps you take per minute. The perfect cadence for runners is 180 steps per minute. In most cases, beginner runners are rarely running at a cadence of 180 steps per minute and the most common reason for this is over striding or too much vertical movement (bouncing). So why is this dangerous? Well, when you take fewer steps per minute, that means that your body mass is suspended in the air for a greater amount of time, and as a result causes a greater force to be applied when your body finally makes contact with the ground. Since most injuries are impact related, stride rate is not something to mess around with. So to keep you in perfect cadence, we created RUNSTEP! It's a new genre of music that takes samples and lays them on a 180 beat per minute grid. Hit your feet to the beat and step 180 times per minute!! #Genius

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180 BPM Music Downloads for Running

A World Premier Exclusive for! Headphones Only. is a 3D experimental sound project by Diana Floss. Take Runstep, which is music set to a 180bpm grid to keep you in perfect stride at 180 steps per minute, then throw in the new 3D element. Ready for the full 3D experience!! Get out those headphones and take a listen to the only 3D Runstep Mix in the WORLD!

***Original Runstep Releases - 180BPM Music

90BPM Music

180 beats per minute too fast for you? Try our beginner 90bpm series. Try to hit two steps per beat and you will be at 180bpm! These were all mixed on a 90bpm grid by DJ Bill Bara. Expect to hear a lot of alternative rock!

Interval Training Workout

DJ Bill Bara brings us the first of our Interval Training Series! 1 hour in length, this training mix starts with a 10 minute warmup, followed by 8 sets of intervals and then ends with a 10 minute cool down. The warmup and cool down should be ran at a slow comfortable pace. Intervals are more structured though. Throughout of the mix you will hear cue points on when to run hard and and when to slow down. If you are unsure on what interval training is, please continue to read...

Interval Workouts are short, intense efforts followed by equal or slightly longer recovery time. In this workout, you run two minutes at a hard effort, followed by two to three minutes of easy jogging or walking to catch your breath. Unlike tempo workouts, you’re running above your red line and at an effort where you are reaching hard for air and counting the seconds until you can stop—a controlled fast effort followed by a truly easy jog. The secret is in the recovery as patience and discipline while you’re running easy allows you to run the next interval strong and finish the entire workout fatigued but not completely spent. Just like rest, your body adapts and gets stronger in the recovery mode. For more information, please visit

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