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Why did we create Marathon 2012

One day I had a dream. It was to motivate the world to run. Running is spiritual and can teach you the ability to harness energy through digging deep. These skills carry over to everyday life.

I want to share my dreams and experiences with you to motivate you to achieve your dreams. That's where the music comes in. My dream was to be a DJ. As a professional nightclub DJ for the past 14 years and an avid runner, I make DJ mixes to run to. Now I DJ Bill Bara at Pittsburgh Marathonwant to share these mixes with you to entertain you while you run.

Let's spread the word! Calling all retail stores, blogs, websites, fitness centers, and the running community as a whole, please work together to help us grow. Last month, April 2013, after being on the internet for only 13 months, we hit 140,000 plays and over 45,000 downloads.... in over 150 countries!

Please help us stay alive by sharing this with your friends and ultimately buying merchandise so we can keep this website free. We are willing to make you a custom mix, print you a shirt, or even show up to DJ your party or race! But as long as we have support, we will continue to inspire the world to run! 1 love.

-DJ Bill Bara with

Please leave us your comments below!

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